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Difference Between Face Towel And Hand Towel

Posted by Admin on August, 25, 2020

Towels are among the most commonly used daily items which many of us never give a second thought. However, for some of us, these daily used commodities are means of luxury and self-pampering. Some people are unaware of the basic difference between a hand towel and a face towel. If you visit a high- end hotels or restaurants, you will soon realize that there is a big difference between a hand towel and the face towel. These not only provide hygiene and good health but also offer comfort.

If you happen to own a business then understanding the difference between a hand towel and face towel will provide you leverage over your competitors. These are the most frequently used daily items in a house and therefore can help you scale your business. Several reputed face towels suppliers India offer a variety of face towels at a different price range to their customers.

Listed below are a few differences between a face towel and a hand towel.

The size is the easiest way to differentiate one towel from another. Hand towels are relatively larger as compared to face towels. Hand towels are usually placed near the sink and have a standard size of about 16”x30”. Face towels on the other hand are Small Square shaped and come in the standard size of 13/13 inches.

Face towels have the sole purpose of drying and taking care of your face. These are found in abundance in wellness centers, spas, etc and people use it specifically for taking care of the face so that the dirt or residue of other parts of the body does not transfer to the face. These act as a washcloth as is used to take good care of your face. Hand towels are used to keep your hands clean. These are commonly found in restaurants, hotels, etc and serve the purpose of specifically cleaning or drying your hands after use.

Since the skin of the face and hand are different therefore the fabric used to make these towels also tend to differ. For hand towels generally, cotton blends are preferred as you need a fabric that is gentle, soft, absorbent, and easy to maintain. Hand towels on the other hand need not be that soft you can easily opt for a fabric that is pleasing to your skin and can be used multiple times with a lot of teat and wear and is ideal for cleaning and drying at the same time. Several printed hand towels suppliers offer high-quality products at affordable prices to their customers.

The cleaning of the two towels depends mostly on the fabric used. Apart from that, the face towels should be cleaned separately in the washing machine since the face towels are more prone to stains and soiling.

The above-mentioned differences will allow you to have a better understanding of hand towels and face towels. Terry hand towels suppliers are renowned for their product quality and great price. If you want bulk quantity hand towels these are a great option for your business within your budget.

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